The Bryson Polhill EP

by Bryson Polhill

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released June 19, 2013

The Bryson Polhill EP

Writers - B. Polhill

"Something Meaningful" Produced by Marvin Rumph for Soulclap Beats
"A Little Bravado" Produced by DeeCee
"Brand New Nostalgia" Produced by Classycd for Checkmate Productions
"A word from the messenger" "Church of Caligula" "Raw" Produced by ShaaBaaz for Checkmate Productions
"Home" was used courtesy of Kanye West
"No Competition" was used courtesy of madlib
"Dexter" was used courtesy of Madlib and J Dilla (RIP)
"Thoughts of a Black man" was used courtesy of J Dilla (RIP)

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Tristan Tulley, Vertigo Studios, Tucson Arizona.

"Dexter" and "Thoughts of a Black Man" were recorded, engineered, and mixed by Dominic Rodriguez, New Threat Studios, Tucson Arizona.

Peace to everyone who helped with the creation of this EP. It's been a long time coming. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. See you all at the Zenith! Love



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Bryson Polhill Georgia

When most people think of southern hip-hop artists, it's hard not to think of anything but heavy 808 beats and catchy hooks due to todays mainstream media. Since age 13 Bryson has been driven to prove that southern artists can rhyme with the best of them. Inspired by artists such as little brother, Median, and common, Bryson shows his gift of gab with thoughtful lyrics over smooth melodic tunes. ... more

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Track Name: Thoughts of a Blackman circa 08
Throw ya motha fuckin fists up! Get'em high!

I don't gotta go off the dome to ease my mind. I write my rhymes. That's the way I free my style. Dear mama, you know I'm sorry for the drama but I'm tryna make black history like Obama. If my life was a sentence, then I need a comma. Fuck bush. I'm the black Osama. Except for the fact that when I bomb ya, I ain't gonna hide in a cave I'm brave. I'll stand with my fist up and celebrate. In the hood where I come from, the panthers is Santa. Fuck a gift for Christmas. Give me the answer. To aids racism and cancer. That's some shit we could free this land from but most of all we could free the black man from.